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We welcome your enquiries and ensure all are answered, however, to help us deal with your queries efficiently please direct them to the correct department:

Our office telephone lines are open Monday to Friday, 09:30 to 16:30. Fleet Assist, our dedicated accident management team are on hand 24 hours a day to provide advice and assistance.


NHS Fleet Solutions
Cobalt Business Exchange
Cobalt Park Way
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE28 9NZ

Telephone: 0344 811 8228 (option 1)

The Aftercare Team

(for all queries relating to a current or recently returned vehicle)

Telephone: 0344 811 8228 (option 1)

The Orders Team / Customer Liaison Team

(for all queries relating to a quotation or a current order)

Telephone: 0344 811 8228 (option 2)


Existing orders:
New quotations:

The Deliveries Team

(for all queries relating to the delivery of your new vehicle)

Telephone: 0344 811 8228 (option 3)

The Accident Team

(to report a new or discuss an existing accident claim)

Telephone: 0344 811 8228 (option 4)
24 Hour Accident Helpline (Fleet Assist): 0344 576 1526

Northern Ireland 24 Hour Accident Helpline

Salary Sacrifice / Deduction: 01933 228 533
Business Sacrifice / Deduction: 0800 302 9057

HSC Western Business 24 Hour Accident Helpline

Business Sacrifice / Deduction: 0345 266 0575 (option 1)

The New Business Team

(for all queries relating to new business enquiries)

Telephone: 0191 607 3552

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